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Current product:Mushroom Extract >> Shiitake Mushroom Extract
Name:Shiitake Mushroom Extract       Model: K1096
  Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Product Name: Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Latin Name: Agaricus edodes, Armillaria edodes, Collybia edodes         

Product Type:Fine brown and yellow powder       

Part used: Fungus

Active ingredient: Polysaccharide, protein

Product Specification:

1.Shiitake polysaccharides 10%-40%;   

2.Shiitake mushroom beta-1,3/1,6 D glucan 20%,30%,40% (Enzyme solution UV);  

3.Shiitake mushroom raw powder (80-200mesh)



Shiitake mushroom extract is effective in helping to suppress cancer recurrence, and in prolonging the lifespan of cancer patients. It also can be used as a nutritional supplement, in a supplement blend, or added to any number of herbal formulas. Shiitake mushroom extract is also a highly flavorful addition to dried soups or tonic drinks. For example in Japan, it was widely applied in the medicine and health-protecting food.


The shiitake mushroon polysaccharide possesses the functions of antivirus, antitumor, regulates the immune system and stimulates the formation of interferon. It showed an obvious effectiveness in the curing of leukaemia, stomach cancer, cervix cancer.



1) It is found to be particularly valuable for treating all forms of hepatitis.

2) It is a powerfully antiviral, with the ability to increase helper T-cell and low lymphocyte counts in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive individuals.

3) It can also lower blood levels of cholesterol and lipids.