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Name:Forsythia Extract       Model: K1065
  Forsythia Extract

High Quality Forsythia Extract


Product Name: Forsythia Fructus Extract

Latin Name: Weeping forsythia suspense(thumb.) vahl
Appearance: Brown fine powder
CAS No.: 548-04-9
Specification: 10:1,15:1,20:1, Phillyrin 1%-3%



They are deciduous shrubs typically growing to a height of 1ĘC3 m (3ĘC9 ft.) and, rarely, up to 6 m (18 ft.), with rough grey-brown bark. The leaves are opposite, usually simple but sometimes trifoliate with a basal pair of small leaflets, and range from 2ĘC10 cm (1ĘC4 in.) in length and, rarely, up to 15 cm (6 in.) long; the margin is serrated or entire.


The flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves, bright yellow with a deeply four-lobed flower, the petals joined only at the base. These become pendant in rainy weather thus shielding the reproductive parts.


It is widely stated that Forsythia's flowers are able to produce lactose (the milk sugar). Lactose is very rarely established in other natural sources except milk. However, the presence of lactose could not be confirmed. [5] The actual fruit is a dry capsule, containing several winged seeds.