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Name: Bamboo Shoots Extract       Model: K1053
  Bamboo Shoots Extract

Product Specification :  40% Polysaccharides,10:1,20:1

Product Name:  Bamboo shoots Extract
Latin Name:  Dictyophora duplicata

Appearance:  Fine Light Yellow powder
Part of the Plant Used: Herb

Extract Method:  Grain Alcohol/Water



It is completely natural The toxicity of water extract of tender bamboo shoot was determined using 16 crossbred calves grouped into four of four calves each. Group I (control) was drenched with 500 ml water, while Groups II, III and IV were drenched with 2, 4 and 8 ml water extract of bamboo shoot/kg body weight. Clinical signs of toxicity and haematological and blood biochemical parameters were monitored. Group III calves showed dyspnoea, incoordination and lacrimation 20 minutes after treatment. But the animals recovered 50 minutes after the administration of the bamboo shoot extract without treatment. Group IV calves showed clinical signs of toxicity 


15 minutes after administration of bamboo shoots extract. Dyspnoea was initially observed, followed by mild tachypnoea and anxiety, severe panting, gasping, muscle tremors, lacrimation, frequent urination, defaecation, severe colic, emesis and death in two calves. The clinical signs was characteristic of hydrocyanic acid toxicity. The presence of cyanide in the bamboo shoot water extract or in the rumen fluid was confirmed by picrate paper test which revealed high content of HCN in the extract..



Bamboo leaf extract presents also very good technical features, as it is easy to dissove in hot water and low-density alcohol with high thermal and water stability, processing flexibility, and high oxidation prevention stability. Even and unfavorable condition that the local concentraction far exceeds the limit, there shall be no oxidation promotion effects, which occurs generally in tea polyphenols. Moreover, the extract carries with it the original faint scent of bamboo, and a favorable and refreshing taste with little sweetness and bitterness. It can be used widely in the production of drug, food, anti-aging products, cosmetics and feeding stuff.


a) As dietary supplements, intaken as capsules.
b) As an ingredient in other nutraceutical products such as milk powder, nutraceutical beverage (Bamboo Beer, Bamboo Water), etc.
c) Added to regular foods to increase its nutrition values such as rice/noodle.
d) As cosmetic ingredient used in skin-care products