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Name:Hericium Extract       Model: K1022
  Hericium Extract

Product Name:  Hericium Extract
Latin Name:  Hericium erinaceus

Product Specification :  40% Polysaccharides,10:1,20:1

Appearance: Fine Light Yellow powder
Part of the Plant Used: Herb

Extract Method:  Grain Alcohol/Water


Hericium erinaceus is a famous wild plant, with white fruit, good taste and abundant nutrition. It is one of China famous wild precious, along with sea pumpkin, bear paw, birdí»s nest become the four famous dishes in China, in feudalism society, only the royalty can eat.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Medicinal use:

Hericium Erinaceus Extract is commonly prescribed for stomach ailments and for cancer prevention, furthermore, it has anti- tiredness, anti- oxidation, anti- mutation, anti-tumor and lowering blood pressure functions.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Main Function


   (1).  With the function of inhibiting and treating digestive system tumor;

   (2).  With the function of nursing back to health gastrointestinal symptoms that cause by mental stress and irregular diet;  

   (3).  With the function of helping digestion, benefiting five internal organs and improving immunity;

   (4).  With the function of anti-cancer and treating Alzheimer's disease.