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Name:Cassia Seed Extract       Model: J1082
  Cassia Seed Extract

Cassia Seed Extract


Herb Source:Cassia Nomame seed

Brief:Brown fine powder

Pharmacology:'Cassia nomame' is produced in the south of the Changjiang river originally. The extract from it is a kind of new resource in the natural products. It can relieve the patients whose body weight is too heavy by inhibiting he adsorption of lipids. Today, the nature is worshipped. A kind of proved lipase inhibitor without prescription, flavanol extracted from cassia nomame has been salable in the market. It is greyish yellow powder inhibiting the lipase which can disintegrate and absorb lipids. The lipase inhibited, lipids can pass through the human body without being absorbed. Meanwhile, it can induce urine and instigate burning lipids within the human body so that it may lose body weight. At present, it is widely used in developing the medicines for losing weight.