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Name:Cassia Nomame Extract       Model: J1048
  Cassia Nomame Extract

Product Name: Cassia Nomame P.E.

Latin Name: Cassia mimosoides L.

Specifications: Flavanol 8%,10%,20%.

Part of the Plant Used: Total Aerial Part(Dried 100% Natural).

Appearance: Light brown powder.



Cassia Nomame extract is a lipase inhibitor. A lipase inhibitor impairs the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of fat, thereby blocking its function. Subsequently, fat molecules remain undigested and unabsorbed as they move through the gastrointestinal tract. This means their caloric content is not released into the bloodstream. Because Cassia inhibits fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream, there is less opportunity for fat to be stored. Unlike pharmaceutical lipase inhibitors, Cassia nomame does little to interfere with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. (A multi-vitamin is recommended however.)


Main function:

  1. Maintaining the blood vessels healthy and normal blood pressure;
  2.  Maintaining healthy blood flow
  3.  Flavanol can also serve as an antioxidants to maintain a healthy heart;
  4.  Flavanol is also a natural lipase inhibitor, so it has the function of losing weight