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Name:Walnut Extract       Model: J1044
  Walnut Extract

Brief Introduction:

Product name: Walnut P.E.

Specification Available: 5:1 15:1 10:1 20:1

Latin Name: Juglans Regia L.

 Part of Used: Seed 

Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder 


Walnut powder

Walnut is a large, deciduous tree attaining heights of 25-35m, and a trunk up to 2m diameter, commonly with a short trunk and broad crown, Walnut extract contain the highest total level of antioxidants, including both free antioxidants and antioxidants bound to fiber.


1. Prevent artherosclerosis;
2. Lower cholesterol levels and treat gall-stone and lurinary stone;
3. Treat dermatitis and eczema;
4. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging, skin nourishing;
5. Improve the acuity of vision and blacken the hair, strengthening feet and waist power;
6. Have the effect on women's physical recove.