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Name:Kava Extract       Model: J1023
  Kava Extract
Product Name Kava Kave Root Powder
Latin Name Piperis methystici rhizoma
Active Ingredient      Kavalactones
Specification 20%,30%,40%,60%,70%,80%
Appearance Fine powder
Color Yellow brown
Part of Used Root

The active ingredients that make kava extract so effective against anxiety are kavalactones which are found in the plantí»s roots. They have the ability to improve mood by increasing dopamine levels. It is unclear exactly how this process works. However, when an individual consumes kava-kava in any form, the kavalactones affect the neurotransmitters, or chemicals that carry messages between cells, in the blood.


To remove tension and stress 
To cure worry and lossing sleep 
To ease muscular tone.