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Name:Carrot Extract       Model: J1006
  carrot extract


1.Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and therefore may offer some protection against certain cancers and other


2.Beta-carotene is a naturally occurring substance present in green and yellow fruits and vegetables.

3.In the body, beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A and beta-carotene is used as a vitamin supplement to

   prevent or treat vitamin A deficiency.

4.Beta-carotene can help prevent or treat reactions to the sun in some specific groups of patients.




1.Medical Purpose


Beta carotene is recognized to have functions of anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, caducity resistance, etc., for instance,beta carotene can improve immunity of AIDS patients.


2.Food Additive


Besides caducity resistance and immunity improvement,beta carotene  is also an important pigment and confirmed as nutritious food additive. Beta carotene can be used as intensifying agent for lipid foods such as  margarine salad oil andbenne oil to help beta carotene absorption by human body.




Beta carotene's extractives contain abundant amino acid, vitamin, natural wet factor, microelement and other bioactivesubstances, and cosmetics (lipstick, kermes, etc.) added with beta carotene present natural and full color and luster and protect skin.


4.Forage Additive


Beta carotene can improve growth rate and flesh quality of animals, reproductivity of cattle, horse and pig, color and luster of red fish and shrimp, and darken color of bird's egg.