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Name:Gynostemma Extract       Model: H1087
  Gynostemma Extract

Product description :        


Latin name:    Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.) 

Active ingredients :   Gypenosides

Specification:  40%-98%

Use Part: Whole herb

Extract Solution: Grain alcohol

Appearance:  Fine powder

Color:  Light yellow to white 

Test Method: UV

Flow Chart:                     


Whole Herb ¡ª  Extracted with Ethanol   ¡ª Adsorbed with Macroporous Resin Desorption  ¡ª Vacuum Concentrating  ¡ª Vacuum Drying


What is Gynostemma?   

Gynostemma, gourd plants, herbaceous perennial vine. There are 13 species worldwide are known to pentaphyllum. Gynostemma has important medicinal value, and very rich source of drugs, widely used in medicines and health products.


Functions .:              


1. Anti-tumor function
2. To reduce blood fat, help regulate blood pressure.
3. To fight against senium.
4. To enhance immune function.
5. To support adrenal function.