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Name:Garlic Extract       Model: H1086
  Garlic Extract

product description :     


Latin Name: Allium sativum L. 

Other Name: S-Allyl acrylo-1-sulphinothioate 

Part used: Bulb (fresh, 100% Natural) 

Active Ingredient: 1. Allicin 2. Alliin

Specification: Allicin1-5%
Appearance: White fine powder


Molecular formula: C6H10OS2
Molecular weight: 162.26
CAS number: 539-86-6
EINECS number: 208-727-7
Test: HPLC
Solubility: Good in hydro-alcoholic solution



More about garlic extract
Garlic health advantages are unique; it has properties that may impact some of our Twenty-first century health issues in dramatic ways. It is amazing that a simple food can have such profound effect on our overall health and well-being.
Allicin is the most powerful medicinal compound derived from garlic and provides the greatest reputed health benefits. Allicin does not occur in 'ordinary' garlic, it is produced when garlic is finely chopped or crushed. The finer the chopping and the more intensive the crushing, the more allicin is generated and the stronger the medicinal effect.
Don¡¯t worry, these types of supplements are odorless and won¡¯t make people stand far away from you.



Benefit the heart.
Lowers Your Cholesterol Level
Antibacterial Properties
Counters Hypertension
Colds and Flu
Immune System Boost
Promotes Good Skin


Culinary uses
Medicine ,for its Antimicrobial Activity
Cosmetics ,
Dietary supplement