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Current product:Anti-aging >> White Tea Extract Extract
Name:White Tea Extract Extract       Model: H1012
  White Tea Extract Extract

Product name:White Tea Extract
Latin name:Camellia sinensis
Active ingredients:Polyphenonls  Catechins  Caffein
Origin:The shoots of Theaceae
Specification: 90% Polyphenonls
Appearance: Claybank Powder
Test Method:UV/VIS

1. The role of the central nervous system; to strengthen the process of cortical excitability
2. The role of the circulatory system; to stimulate the heart, coronary vessels expand.
3. On smooth muscle, the role of striated muscle; can relax smooth muscle, to strengthen capacity of skeletal muscle contraction.
4. Diuretic and other effects; can inhibit tubular reabsorption, increased gastric secretion, excitatory effect on metabolism.
5. On the various types of Shigella are with antibacterial action.