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Current product:Anti-aging >> Milk Thistle Extract
Name:Milk Thistle Extract       Model: H1002
  Milk Thistle Extract
Product Description
  • Product Name: Milk Thisthle Extract
  • Plant source: Milk Thistle
  • Latin Name: Silybum marianum. (L.)Gaertner
  • Part of used: Seed
  • Specification : 40%~80% Silymarin UV, 30% Silibinin+Isosilybin
  • Appearance: Yellow fine powder
  • Extract Method: Grain Alcohol
  • Solubility: better water solubility
  • Test method :HPLC

What is Milk Thistle Extract produced ?

Silymarin is a unique flavonoid complex¡ªcontaining silybin, silydianin, and silychrisin¡ªthat is derived from the milk thistle plant.

Poor water solubility and bioavailability of silymarin led to the development of enhanced formulations. a new complex of silybin and natural phospholipids was developed. This improved product is known by the name of Silyphos. By complexing silybin with phospholipids, scientists were able to make silybin into a much more soluble and better-absorbed form. This silybin/phospholipid complex (Silyphos) was found to have significantly improved bioavailability, up to ten times better absorption, and greater effectiveness. 


What will Milk Thistle Extract be used for?

1, Liver protection

2, Anti Free radicals

3, Antioxidant

4, Anti-inflammatory

5, Prevention of skin cancer