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Name:Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract       Model: G1002
  Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract

Latin Name: Rhizom Gastrodiae 
Part of used: Root
CAS No.: 62499-27-8
Molecular Formula: C13H18O7
Molecular Weight: 286.28




Gastrodia Rhizoma distributed in tropical, subtropical, temperate and boreal mountains. Gastrodia born more and moist forest humus, sunny shrub and grass, too. It should be growing with white mushroom fungi, bacteria and Ziqi dense ring of small mushrooms together in order to make seeds sprout. Gastrodia Rhizoma widely cultivated in China, widely distributed, resulting in a lot of variation. So Gastrodia Rhizoma is divided into four types, Gelata B1.F.elata, G.elata B1.F.Viridls MalKino, G.elata B1f.G1auca S Chow, Gelata B1f f1avida S Chow. Gastrodia to physical light and translucent as the best.




1 Analgesic effect: trigeminal neuralgia, Angioneurotic headache, cerebrovascular disease, headache, multiple neuritis, toxic, a significant analgesic effect. In recent years, the number of medical units over 1000 cases of clinical trials, the effective rate of 90%.


2. Sedation: The treatment of neurasthenia and neurasthenia syndrome patients, and can inhibit the caffeine-induced central nervous system stimulant, enhancing effect of sleep time.


3. Anticonvulsant effect: Gastrodia facial nerve twitching, numbness, hemiplegia, epilepsy, etc. a certain effect. Also alleviate the muscle spasm, relieve angina, the role of biliary colic.


4. Lower blood pressure: Gastrodia Rhizoma to treat high blood pressure. Increase in peripheral and coronary blood flow, has a protective effect on the heart.


5. Eyesight, increase intellectual function: Gastrodia Rhizoma has increased significantly enhance the eye sight and memory effect.. T human brain system has a significant role in the protection and regulation, can enhance the resolving power of the optic nerve.