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Name:Aloe Vera Extract       Model: A1008
  Aloe Vera Extract

Specification:  4: 1, 10: 1, 100: 1,
200: 1(Spray drier) or 200:1(Freeze Drier)
Product Name: Aloe Vera P.E
Latin Name: Aloe barbadensis Miller
Part Used: Leaf
Appearance: Light yellow power
    Aloe has a long and wide using history in food, drugs, beauty products. Anthraquinone compound is the main active ingredients of Aloe, it is contain Barbaloin(also called as aloin, aloe-emodin), aloe-emodin anthranol, isobarbaloin, alomycin, aloin A, aloesin and so on. Barbaloin is the basic component, which can hydrolysis into aloe-emodin under the action of bacterial parasite in human body. Aloe-emodin can stimulate the move of intestinal wall, so it has effective function to adjust the intestine and stomach action of intestine and stomach.

    The active constituents for aloe's laxative effect are known as anthraquinone glycosides, which are converted by intestinal bacteria into aglycones. The active compounds responsible for aloe's wound healing properties are less well-described but are likely a combination of several saccharide molecules. When the leaf is consumed, the high fiber content of the plant has been shown to exert beneficial effects on cardiac disease risk factors by reducing blood levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.
Suggested Applications:
1.  aloe vera promotes the healing of minor burns and small wounds
2.  to reduce intestinal transit time
3.  to reduced total serum cholesterol , serum triglycerides , fasting and post prandial blood sugar levels
4.  to aid in keeping the skin supple , and has been used in the control of acne and eczema