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Current product:Anti-Oxidant >> Mangosteen Fruit Extract
Name:Mangosteen Fruit Extract       Model: A1005
  Mangosteen Fruit Extract

Product name: Mangosteen Extract

English name: Mangosteen Extract

Latin name: Garcinia mangostana L.

Active ingredients: Alpha-mangostin   Polyphenols

Part used: Fruit

Specification: 10%-30% Polyphenols   10%-90% Alpha-mangostin 

Appearance: Brown powder



 Antioxidant activity stronger than VC, VE. Has a strong free radical scavenging capabilities, enhance the immune system. To anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Therefore, extracts of mangosteen fruit as a special popular products are widely used as health food and pharmaceutical raw materials. While almost all of the mangosteen is also rich in the human body needs vitamins and trace elements, is the most popular kind of anti-oxidation, anti-aging ingredients of natural plant products.



1.Antibacterial effect:inhibition of COX 2 enzyme levels in cells to achieve anti-inflammatory sterilization. Pain relief, is a natural antibiotic, used to control HIV infection and a variety of chronic inflammation, allergies, etc. and can block the unpleasant smell.


2. Antioxidant: rid of free radicals, aging and the prevention and treatment of disorders caused by the radicals: cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, skin diseases, eye disease and so on.


3. Anti-virus: inhibition of cancer cell growth caused by the human body, to promote their death. Strengthens the immune system


4. Other effects: weight loss, improved digestive function