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Name:Maca Root Extract       Model: S1008
  Maca Root Extract

Product Name: Maca Extract

Specification: 4:1,10:1, 20:1 By HPLC

Active Ingredients: Macamide Macaenes

Part Used: Root

Appearance: Light yellow Powder

Maca Maca is a cruciferous plant Lepidium in the shape of radish-like hypertrophy of the roots, originating in Peru and Central's (Jinin) and Pasco (Pasco) near the Andes above 4,000 meters, the area cold, strong winds, eco- harsh conditions unsuitable for other crops, and thus Maca became a source of food for Inca.. Maca can increase with physical, energetic, eliminate anxiety and improve sexual function. Its fresh roots can eat with meat and vegetables , also be dried food cooked with water or milk.


(1). Resist tire, enhance energy;

(2). Enhance sex ability;

(3). Enhance physical strength;

(4). Adjust incretion system, balance hormone;

(5). Bestir brain;

(6). In effect improve the menopause symptom of male and female;

(7). Advance the action of female become pregnant ability