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Current product:Weight Loss >> Bitter Melon Extract
Name:Bitter Melon Extract       Model: G1013
  Bitter Melon Extract

Latin name:   Memordica Charantia L

Specification:  5:1, 10:1 

Use Part:  Fruit

Appearance:  Brown fine powder

Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Test Method:  UV / TLC



1. Antidiabetic effect: bitter melon extract have the function of regulating blood sugar level. The bitter melon contains steroidal saponins such as charantin, insulin-like peptide and alkaloid, these substances make bitter melon fall blood sugar activity.


2. Antiviral function: The standard bitter melon extract has been confirmed effective for psoriasis, susceptibility caused by cancer, neurological complications caused by pain, and may delay the onset of cataract or retinopathy and inhibite the AIDS virus by destroying filtration tviral DNA.


3. Good effect for lose weight: The RPA extracted from bitter melon extract has good effect for reducing weight.