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Name:Acai Berry Extract       Model: G1009
  Acai Berry Extract, 5:1, 10:1,

English Name: Acai Berry Extract

Latin Name: Euterpe oleracea L.

Parts used : Fruit

Active ingredient: Vitamin C. polyphenols and anthocyanin

Specification:5:1 .10:1 .20:1

Appearance: Violet fine powder

Type of Extraction:: Water&Ethano

Solubility: Good soluble in water



Acai berry, also called Euterpe badiocarpa, Euterpe oleracea, is harvested from the Brazilian rain-forest and has been used for thousands of years by the natives of Brazil. The Brazilian natives believe the Acai berry to have amazing healing and nutritional properties.



1.Reducing blood sugar and cholesterol and having the great effect to prevent hypertension;

2. Improving blood circulation and detoxification, enhancing immunity;

3. Widely used for anti-aging, weight loss, and colon cleanse.